Updated 8/5/20

Giles County School buses have been running 3 days as another school year began for an abbreviated first day on Monday.
All schools in the county are expected to see reduced in-person numbers due to many choosing the virtual option amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Due to the current COVID-19 in the county, schools will be taking a 2-0-2 approach in terms of attendance with children not attending on Wednesdays.
Schools are opened for in-person learning and drivers are asked to exercise caution during their early morning and afternoon commutes.
Virtual students' first day of instructional learning is August 17th, where students are expected to be logged in a minimum of 3.5 hours a day and complete additional work offline.
Classes will be taught by Giles County educators alongside the students attending in person.
Pre-K and Kindergarten students will follow the phase-in schedule as communicated by classroom teachers.