Updated 8/11/20

COVID-ID positive continues to climb in Giles County to 385 patients as of Monday.
Reports show of those confirmed cases, 213 have now recovered.
On Monday's, negative tests increased to 5,314, up from 5,242 and active case count is 159.
A total of 13 fatalities have been reported in Giles County
Twenty-six residents in the county have been hospitalized since May.
Test results in surrounding counties are: Lawrence with 575 positive, 6,443 negative, 316 recovered, six fatalities; Lincoln has 309 positive, 4,552 negative, 164 recovered, one fatality; Marshall increased to 304 positive, 4,753 negative, 163 recovered, four fatalities; and Maury with 1,272 positive, 13,000 negative, 700 recovered, seven fatalities.
As of 2 p.m. Monday, Tennessee has reported 123,914 total cases, 1,579,674 negative tests, 1,233 fatalities, and 83,170 recovered.