Updated 9/14/20

Giles County increased to 516 patients Sunday up from 507 on Saturday who has tested positive for COVID-19 with 447 now considered inactive or recovered.
Giles County increased to 16 fatalities reported over the weekend.
The active case count in the county is currently 53.
Thirty-one Giles County residents have been hospitalized since early May.
Test results in Tennessee counties contiguous to Giles are: Lawrence with 857 positive, 9,035 negative, 757 inactive, 11 fatalities; Lincoln has 517 positive, 6,770 negative, 449 inactive, one fatality; Marshall reported 639 positive, 7,831 negative, 564 inactive, four fatalities; and Maury has 2,027 positive, 21,402 negative, 1,790 inactive, 20 fatalities.
As of 2 p.m., Sunday Tennessee has reported 171,824 total cases, 2,248,108 negative tests, 2,078 fatalities, and 155,865 inactive or recovered.