Updated 9/15/20

The Tennessee Schools dashboard displays 5 new students and 5 new staff cases in Giles County schools since Friday.
The information can be found two ways on the dashboard, by selecting a district on a map or by selecting a district through a drop-down button.
New cases represent the number of newly reported positive cases on the most recent reporting date. The dashboard is updated every Friday.
The data presented on the dashboard reflects new positive COVID-19 cases for students and employees at public elementary and secondary schools, including public charter schools, in Tennessee.
This data may be different than information reported by a school, district, or other entity due to the timing of reporting or other factors.
Giles County and other school districts and public charter schools are requested to report positive COVID-19 cases to the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE),  but are not mandated to do so by law or regulation.
COVID-19 case investigations are conducted by local health departments.