Updated 10/16/20

Giles County increased to 850 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 with 687 considered inactive or recovered.
Thirty fatalities have now been reported for Giles, one less than yesterday’s 31. One fatality that was mistakenly assigned to Giles has been reassigned to their actual county of residence.
Giles County’s active case count is currently 133.
In Thursday's update, negative tests rose to 10,282, up from 10,148.
Forty-four Giles County residents have been hospitalized since May.
Test results in surrounding counties are: Lawrence with 1,368 positive, 12,431 negative, 1,127 inactive, 17 fatalities; Lincoln has 763 positive, 8,999 negative, 670 inactive, two fatalities; Marshall reported 987 positive, 10,4747 negative, 818 inactive, eight fatalities; and Maury with 2,874 positive, 29,998 negative, 2,518 inactive, 34 fatalities.
As of 2 p.m. Thursday, Tennessee has reported 222,827 total cases, 3,000,124 negative tests, 2,864 fatalities, and 200,164 inactive or recovered.