Updated 10/26/20

Giles County increased to 969 patients Sunday who have tested positive for COVID-19 with 786 considered inactive or recovered.
Thirty-six fatalities have now been reported for Giles with 147 active cases.
 Tennessee Department of Health first reported a cluster of cases at Elk River Health & Rehabilitation of Ardmore on  September 25th.
According to TDH, as of October 23rd, 52 residents and 31 staff members have tested positive. TDH reported 21 resident deaths as of October 23rd, four new deaths since the October 16th update.
TDH updates information on clusters at long-term care facilities each Friday.
Test results in surrounding counties are Lawrencece with 1,618 positive, 13,914 negative, 1,314 inactive, 20 fatalities; Lincoln has 897 positive, 9,494 negative, 747 inactive, three fatalities; Marshall reported 1,138 positive, 11,468 negative, 954 inactive, 10 fatalities; and Maury has 3,307 positive, 33,256 negative, 2,819 inactive, 37 fatalities.
As of 2 p.m. Sunday, Tennessee has reported 247,587 total cases, 3,250,692 negative tests, 3,131 fatalities and 218,067 inactive or recovered.