Updated 12/15/20

The Giles County Commission will meet Monday, December 21st in the County Boardroom at the Giles County Courthouse.
Reports for October 2020 will be heard that include Giles County General Fund, Drug, Highway, School, Federal, Food. Service, Debt Service, Capital Projects, Highway Capital Projects, Education capital Projects, and Other capital Projects, Giles County Personnel Policy for employees of  Giles County and Giles County Highway Department Personnel Policy 2020.
The commissioners are to approve Mary Jane Knox, Kristan Patterson, Renewal: Rose Yvonne Brown, Lucy  D.  Henson,  Doris  J  Holt, Kelly  Richardson, Andrea  L    Stack and Meredith L Yokley their notary duties.
During the 9 a.m. meeting, Economic Development Director David Hamilton will address the commission on the unemployment rate and industries in the county.
Also, commissioners will authorize the approval of surety bonds for other county officials and county employees required to have bonds and to approve surety bonds for other county officials and county employees, and to pay Giles County Employees for Covid-19 response.  
Commissioners will request for State Officials to add Meat Processing Training to Tennessee College of Applied Technology Curriculum, State Officials to support the State Acquisition of Martin Methodist College establishing a Fourth Undergraduate Campus of the University of Tennessee System and to increase the pay for part-time employees of the Ambulance Service.