Updated 12/15/20

Phone scams continue to be a serious threat in the county, especially for elderly residents, said Giles County Sheriff officials, adding their office receives complaints every day.
It is probably a scam if the caller wants you to send them money, social security information, phone cards, prepaid credit cards, or money grams.
The Sheriff's Department will not be able to get this money back or even proceed very far with an investigation because the scammer could be in a foreign country, and the money is sent to that country.
During the holiday time, scam phone calls can come in the form of someone from the Internal Revenue Service calling to solicit money you owe; the I-R-S will not call you but will contact you through a letter. You could be called to be told you have won a trip or some other grand prize. That, too, could be a scam.
The Sheriff and his department warn against giving out any personal information or sending money to someone calling to sell goods or services. Be very suspicious of a caller who asks for personal information, makes computer-related inquires, or talks about anything else that involves money.
If you receive a suspicious phone call, call the Sheriff's Department at 363-3505.