Updated 12/18/20

The Tennessee Department of Health has launched a new dashboard to provide data on the COVID-19 vaccines administered in the state.
TDH’s vaccine dashboard will be updated every Tuesday and Friday.
The dashboard includes data on total vaccinations reported, vaccinations reported in the last day and within the last week, and will also display the percentage of each county’s population that has been vaccinated.
A release sent by the department on Friday states the first reports shared via this dashboard will reflect Tennesseans who have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
 Future versions will also provide data on Tennesseans who have been fully vaccinated with both their first and second doses of the vaccine.
The department also announced a change in time for the state’s case reports. The daily COVID-19 data reports will now be released at 5 pm each day.
TDH had been releasing the updates at 2 pm CST since the start of the pandemic.
Since the time is changing for the case reports, WKSR will report all information the following day on the noon news and will be posted on the WKSR website.
Tennessee’s local health departments will continue to offer COVID-19 testing five days a week at no charge to those wishing to be tested. TDH testing sites will employ self-testing kits for adults three days a week beginning December 21st. The department’s release says this is to allow staff members to transition to vaccination of frontline health care providers and first responders.