Updated 12/24/20

Fire safety should be a year-long concern, but Pulaski Fire officials say extra caution should be taken during Christmas because of the holiday lights and decorations.
They suggest to unplug the lights at night and when you are not at home. Artificial or live trees should stand 36 inches away from combustible things.
Fireman suggests live trees be taken down soon after Christmas and dispose of quickly.
If you use an outside turkey fryer, make sure it is at least 10 feet away from anything that can catch on fire and that you have a fire extinguisher nearby. If you are using the stove inside to fry, make sure the turkey is at all times attended to and the area around the stove is clean and free of combustible items.
Fireplaces should be properly maintained, especially cleaning creosote buildup, and they suggest any kind of paper not be burned in a fireplace because it is not a good clean burn.
Having carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be a must in any home. If your detector is more than 10 years old, replace it as recommended by the U.S. Fire Administration.