Updated 12/24/20

The Pulaski Electric System Board of Directors passed a motion that will secure the future of video options for PES Energize during a recent called meeting.
The Federal Communications Commission has mandated changes to the spectrum in which PES Energize receives its video programming to make provisions for 5G.
The board determined that performing the upgrades to the earth station, which would cost approximately $500,000, was not a viable option. The two remaining options were to exit the video or choose to move to a digital stream through a third party.
A detailed presentation was given at the meeting explaining the benefits and potential risks of all options.
The first option presented to the Board was that of exiting video, which would lead to reduced capital, additional co-location space, additional revenue from the sale of used video gear, and no video contracts or programming fees.
The board heard the potential benefits of a digital stream with Minerva 10, which would also reduce capital investment.
After much discussion, the Board unanimously passed a motion to provide video through JEA/MegaHertz in the form of a three-year agreement initially providing both analogs as well as the digital stream with Minerva 10. This would include a one-time capital investment of $54,450 and an annual cost of $120,451.