Updated 12/30/20

Wold HFR Design representatives made a presentation outlining their proposals for capital improvements to the Giles County schools during a recent virtual work session.
The firm had been selected by Director of Schools Vickie Beard as her first choice to complete the work following the dismissal of ESG, the previous firm contracted to complete the upgrades.
Beth Meadows, an associate at Wold HFR,  identified many areas in a slideshow that addressed safety, security, indoor air quality, and accessibility throughout the school system.
Stephen Griffin, principal at Wold HFR, explained that the efficiencies gained during the renovation would “reduce life-cycle costs over 30 years.”
If approved at the upcoming school board meeting, Wold HFR will begin work on conducting a detailed evaluation of schools.
A third-party estimator will provide a rough budget, at which point the school board will be able to determine how they wish to use the $6.4 million in funds allocated by the county for this work and determine a plan for funding the remaining work.
The next school board meeting will be Thursday, January 7th  at the Central Office.