Updated 12/31/20

As the year comes to a close, Giles County increased to 2,599 patients Wednesday who have tested positive for COVID-19.
Of those confirmed cases, 2,068 are now considered inactive or recovered.
Sixty fatalities have been reported and Giles County’s active case count is currently 471.
Eighty-six Giles County residents have been hospitalized since early May.
Test results in surrounding counties to Giles are: Lawrence with 4,369 positive, 22,589 negative, 3,770 inactive, 57 fatalities; Lincoln has 3,227 positive, 13,881 negative, 2,767 inactive, 32 fatalities; Marshall has 2,821 positive, 18,772 negative, 2,402 inactive, 30 fatalities; and Maury reported 9,173 positive, 56,942 negative, 8,054 inactive, 104 fatalities.
As of Wednesday, Tennessee has reported 580,809 total cases, 4,957,138 negative tests, 6,810 fatalities and 501,691 inactive or recovered.