Updated 12/31/20

Tennessee including Giles County teachers are next in line for the COVID-19 vaccine, the Tennessee Health Department announced Wednesday, but the specifics of how and when educators can get the vaccine remain unclear.
Now educators have leapfrogged adults with two or more high-risk conditions and other critical infrastructure workers.
Teachers and child care workers have been bumped up to Phase 1b, right behind frontline health care workers, in the state's vaccine distribution plan even as Tennessee struggles to administer as many vaccines as it pledged to by the end of the year.
Educators were previously in the second phase of the state's four-phase plan, behind health care workers, long-term care facility residents and staff, and the elderly.
The largest statewide organization representing teachers, TEA also argued that data indicates in-person instruction increases infection risk and that educators are more likely to become ill at a greater rate than the state’s general population.