Updated 12/31/20

Arraignments and Public Defender cases in Giles County will begin  Monday at 9 am.  Private bar cases will be at 1 pm as well as calling through the open docket.
All non-jail arraignments will be rescheduled to February 22nd when the accused appears at the Giles County Courthouse, then they will be given a new date to come back for arraignment along with an indigency form, should they need counsel appointed.
The judge will be going thru the open docket to get a status update on all cases, all non-jail defendants are not required to be present unless they have a plea ready and paperwork submitted to the District6 Attorney's office, the plea will be entered by Zoom.
Probation hearings & motions in Giles County will be done by Zoom.  A special meeting will be scheduled if the hearing or motion cannot be done virtually.
All non-jail defendants' cases will be reset until February 23rd.