Updated 1/6/21

Tennessee high school basketball referees will receive a $25 pay cut for each night they officiate games until the end of the regular season.

The decision was made by the TSSAA as a result of Governor Bill Lee's executive order that restricted the number of fans permitted to attend high school basketball games.
The TSSAA announced the decision to principals, athletic directors, coaches, and referee supervisors last month. The pay decrease began Monday.
Three-person crews that work a varsity doubleheader will receive $80 per official. A single varsity basketball game will pay $50 to each of the three officials.
Previously, referees were paid $105 for three-person crews for a varsity doubleheader and $75 for a single game.
According to the memo, the pay reduction will not apply during postseason play.
An executive order is in place until at least January 19th because of the large increase of positive COVID-19 cases in Tennessee.
Schools are permitted to put additional restrictions in place, including canceling games.