Updated 1/6/21

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Alderman discussed during a work session that City Hall is indeed open, but doors will remain locked.
Those needing access should call for appointments or, when possible, use dropbox.
Utility bills may also be paid at the local banks.
The board agreed to extend the deadline for submissions from those interested in being part of the Community Advisory Committee on Inclusive Recognition and Acknowledgment.
Mayor Pat Ford informed the board that only four responses had been received.
Ford suggested leaving it open for others who may want to participate but have not yet sent in their request.
Alderman Ricky Keith said this was a good idea but felt it should only be open for a couple more weeks.
Those who would like to be a member of the advisory council can still email a paragraph detailing that interest and how you can contribute to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The annual purchase of police cars was awarded to Sharp Motor Company as the lowest and best bid.
City Administrator Terry Harrison addressed the benefits of using the bond pool for the water and sewer improvement plan.
A strategic planning session is tentatively proposed for Saturday, February 6th, with Saturday, February 13th as a backup date.
Harrison told the board that the Christmas lights will soon be coming down.
He said some of the employees are absent due to health issues during this time.
Also during the 4:30 pm meeting, the board heard EDC Director David Hamilton has been looking into options involving the payoff of the IDB Solar Panels.