Updated 1/11/21

The Tennessee Department of Health has mandated that effective immediately, all county health departments transition to an appointment-based system for distribution of the covid-19 vaccine.
Phone lines at the Giles County Health Department were reported busy today (Monday) for a person to ask if there was a COVID-19 vaccine in Giles County.
It was later reported by the Tennessee Health Department on social media that Giles County Health Department would open at 10 a.m. due to bad weather in the area.
A spokesman at the local health department said Monday morning that they have not been told if the COVID-19 vaccine would arrive today or this week and appointments are made only if they have the vaccine.
The purpose of an appointment was to reduce the time people must wait in line and ensure that limited supplies of vaccine are available for people who have called.
People in the county have been asked to set up an appointment by calling the Giles County Health Department at 931-363-5506.
Health workers supposed to advise when appointment slots are available and the location where you can receive a vaccination.
An on-line application process and additional telephone lines will also be made available in the near future.
The latest information, including additional telephone numbers and the on-line URL, will be posted by Giles County EMA and other agencies on their social media outlets.