Updated 1/11/21

Giles County increased to 3,073 patients Sunday who has tested positive for COVID-19 and 2,500 are now considered inactive or recovered.
Sixty-eight fatalities have now been reported with 505 active case count in Giles County
Eighty-eight Giles County residents have been hospitalized since May.
AHC Meadowbrook has 38 residents and 17 staff members who have tested positive. TDH reports six resident deaths.
TDH lists NHC Pulaski with four positive residents and 13 positive staff members. One resident death has been reported.
Results in Tennessee counties contiguous to Giles are: Lawrence with 4,885 positive, 23,794 negative, 4,231 inactive, 66 fatalities; Lincoln has 3,639 positive, 14,652 negative, 3,146 inactive, 39 fatalities; Marshall reported 3,209 positive, 19,622 negative, 2,750 inactive, 33 fatalities; and Maury has 10,442 positive, 60,223 negative, 9,097 inactive, 116 fatalities.
As of Sunday, Tennessee has reported 653,869 total cases, 5,206,785 negative tests, 7,785 fatalities, and 565,197 inactive or recovered.