Updated 1/14/21

The Pulaski Regional Planning Commission met in December to discuss the building permit for the upcoming expansion at Frito-Lay.
With the recently announced expansion of the facility to start producing PopCorners products, approximately 30 parking spaces would be lost.
City Administrator Terry Harrison told commission members, Frito-Lay also has plans to expand the south side of the building.
As additional jobs and square footage are added, more than 60 parking spaces will be needed.
Harrison said with the desire of getting the popcorn line functioning, Frito-Lay is hoping to get the site plat approved to enable them to proceed with this expansion.
“They understood the need for the additional spots, and would be committed to adding the additional spots,” Harrison said.
The board voted prior to approval for the building permit, a performance bond would have to be obtained for the additional parking to be completed within a year with the possibility for renewal.