Updated 1/20/21

After more than a year of discussions and negotiations with the federal government, Tennessee’s Medicaid “block grant” waiver amendment received approval recently from the centers for medicare and Medicaid services.
Tennessee is the first state in the nation to be granted approval for this type of block grant arrangement, which will result in an innovative, alternative financing arrangement for its Medicaid program and provide additional flexibilities relative to its administration.
According to a press release, Tenncare submitted amendment 42 in November 2019 in accordance with legislation adopted by the Tennessee General Assembly during the 2019 legislative session.
The legislation directed the governor to submit a waiver for federal approval.
The negotiated agreement includes the major components and principles outlined in Tenncare’ s original proposal to c-m-s, building upon Tennessee’s history of effective management of its Medicaid program and providing opportunities for additional federal funding for the purpose of improving the health of Tenncare members and communities throughout the state.