Updated 1/21/21

The Ardmore City Council met in a regular session by teleconference for citizens attending due to Governor Lee's order of no more than 10 people gathered for an event.
Alderman Jason Sherman made a motion to approve and accept the City of Ardmore's Annual Financial Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2020
During the meeting, City Attorney Joe Fowlkes, swore in Ken Crosson, Wayne Harvell, and Garon Hargrove as new aldermen for the next four years.
Alderman Shane Emerson informed the council Phase One of the sewer repairs is complete. Surveyors are scheduled to be on-site within the next few weeks for Phase 2. Contractors will bid for the work on Phases two and three.
Mayor Mike Magnusson announced aldermen to fill positions on several boards and committees.
Serving on the Water Board will be Aldermen Emerson and Harvell.
Street Department members will be Aldermen Hargrove, Emerson, and Harvell.
The Parks Committee members will be Aldermen Garon Hargrove, Sherman, Smith, and Emerson.
Mayor Magnusson will be a member of the Giles County Economic Development Board.
The Buildings and Grounds Committee members will be Aldermen Hargrove, Harvell, and Crosson.
Aldermen Crosson, Smith, and Sherman will be members of the Beautification Board.
Mayor Magnusson appointed Alderman Harvell to the Library Board.
Alderman Crosson and citizen Ed Burgoon were appointed to the Planning Commission.
Aldermen Crosson and Smith were appointed to the Industrial Board.