Updated 1/22/21

A fender bender in Columbia where neither party pulls overturns into road rage and then attempted murder a few miles later in a Subway parking lot on Nashville Highway in Spring Hill.
According to a police report filed by the Columbia Police, it began with a hit and run around West Burt Drive on Nashville Highway North.
A husband and wife will tell police that a Saab driven by a man later identified as 28-year-old Charles Garner struck the front bumper of their vehicle.
Jimmy Barber of the Spring Hill Police Department arrived, his body cam captured the man on the ground being comforted by his wife.
The man tells police, “He hit me and I flew up on the front window.”
Officers went to Garner’s Spring Hill home, where Garner was outside waiting on arriving officers.
Garner is in the Maury County jail charged with multiple crimes including attempted murder and aggravated assault.