Published 5/17/21

Later this week, the state of Alabama will commemorate the 1961 Freedom Rides, one of the pivotal moments in the fight to end segregation.

To commemorate the first Freedom Ride coming from Tennessee in May, 1961, the Alabama Historical Commission is retracing the Freedom Ride between Ardmore, Tennessee to Montgomery with a stop in Birmingham.

They’ll be using a restored vintage Greyhound bus that is part of the Freedom Rides Museum to reenact the trip.

The Ardmore to Montgomery journey begins May 18 and ends in Montgomery at 10:23 AM on May 20th

The ride is planned as the first of other tours planned throughout the South to bring this history to its citizens.

The tour will visit these cities and locations: Ardmore, Tennessee: May 18th, program begins at 4PM at The Ardmore Public Library, 25836 Main Street Ardmore, TN 38449, stop in Birmingham May 19th the end in Montgomery on May 20th at The Freedom Riders Museum, 210 South Court Street Montgomery, AL 36104.

Original Freedom Riders will participate in the program.