Updated 11/22/2017

Elkton resident William Maynor presented a petition from some of the residents of Sunset Drive requesting their road be paved to the Elkton Board of Mayor and Aldermen at this month's meeting.

In the Street Department report, given earlier by Mayor Carolyn Thompson in Mike Watridge's absence, it was announced that cold mix would be used to make repairs on Sunset Drive and Persimmon Island. Maynor said cold mix does not work on Sunset Drive because as soon as it rains, the cold mix washes away. He suggested using asphalt.

The board said the city does not have the funds to pave all the roads at this time, and the Mayor said the pot holes would be filled on Sunset Drive with cold mix. Maynor said he would help Watridge work on the road on Saturdays and Sundays.

Maynor also said he'd like to have a dead end sign put up on Sunset Drive, because people tend to use the dead end road for partying. Watridge has been told to get a sign if he does not have one already. The Mayor said the dead end sign would help to keep people off that street late at night.