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Published: January 12, 2021

From the Desk of the Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Emergency Management Director

 Lawrence County is Rare and Special Place

First, I want to express how humble and grateful I am to be asked to follow Joe Baxter as Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Emergency Management Director. Joe accomplished so much for Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County, much of which was not publicized. He was a true asset to this community and will be sorely missed. My goal is to continue the work Joe started and prove myself worthy to hold his title.

Second, I want to celebrate the teams I have the distinct pleasure to work with every day. Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County are blessed to have strong cohesiveness between departments, and we have a dedicated team of volunteers who answer the call to serve without question or complaint. The Christmas Day bombing in Nashville is a perfect example of our ability to pull together and get things done. On the afternoon of Christmas, the Emergency Management office was left with standing room only because we had so many city and county employees as well as volunteers respond to the call to serve. Therefore, Lawrence County was one of the first counties in Tennessee to restore network and telephone access.

Third, I want to commend everyone who is working so hard to administer the Covid vaccines—namely the staff at the Lawrence County Health Department. Those ladies who man the Covid clinic have stepped up and have been working hours of overtime with no vacations, standing outside in extreme heat and cold for almost a year since the pandemic started to care for Lawrence County citizens. And they continue those same efforts to administer the vaccinations. They do everything they can to make the process easy on the patients, operating many days without much guidance from the state and with depleted vaccine supplies. They deserve our compassion and gratitude—not impatience and anger.

I also want to give a shout out to the other agencies who assist in the administration of the Covid vaccines: Lawrenceburg Fire Department, Lawrenceburg Police Department, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Lawrenceburg Parks and Rec, and Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Emergency Management. This is just another example of how our interdepartmental cooperation is such an asset to the community.

Finally, I want to thank Lawrenceburg First Baptist Church for allowing us to use its parking lots for the post-vaccine waiting area. While we know some of you have experienced long wait times to receive the vaccination, without our teams and our community pulling together, the process could have been much worse. For example, in a neighboring county, residents had to stand outside for over five hours to be inoculated. Our process here in Lawrence County allows for patients to remain in their cars, seated and warm, instead of standing and exposed to the elements.

We have much to be thankful for in Lawrence County. We have people who are willing to serve even in the most challenging circumstances, and from my perspective having helped other places in Tennessee during times of emergency and distress, we live in a rare and special place.