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Name Lilly Howard
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Phone (931) 292-7463
Item Description
I have three kittens, Chunk (girl,) Eddie (girl,) and ??? (boy who hasn’t told me his name yet,) that I raised myself from about two weeks old. I have a newborn baby now and want to focus on her, and the kittens are old enough for rehoming. Since they were raised by a person, they are SUPER friendly, and they’ve had tons of baths and are very comfortable in water.

It’s important to me that these kittens are not treated like Christmas gifts or just another pet that’s going to get run over or that won’t have proper vetting. Please, if you aren’t a responsible pet owner, don’t inquire. I also require that anyone who writes understands that it’s cold outside and that fragile little kittens are indoor animals. If you’ve ever had a pet die due to your negligence or you’re unsure if you’ve ever had a pet die due to your negligence, please don’t inquire. These babies deserve a loving, warm home.
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