David Morgan

New Year, New Opportunities 

“Change is inevitable, but progress is optional.”

This is something my dad has said many times, and like a lot of things my parents say, it sounds wiser with each passing year.

In fact, this quote has occurred to me often since I became Lawrence County Executive. T.R. Williams and I have a lot in common, but the moment I took the oath of office September 1, 2022, change started. Since then I’ve been working to make sure progress comes with it.

With the New Year, I want to continue to conserve where we can, protect what’s been overlooked, and re-appropriate what we can to meet needs in areas of top priority. For me those are our Emergency Medical Service, Volunteer Fire Departments, Accounts & Budgets office, along with appropriate property development and water supply concerns.

All other county departments will undergo a policy & procedure and internal controls review this year with the help of department heads and elected officials. Self-examination is required when you bring conservative standards and godly ethics to your personal life, business, or government. I believe implementing those standards in local government will help us better meet the unique needs of Lawrence County in 2023 and reap fiscal rewards.

Most everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, but our best intentions can crumble pretty quickly. That’s why my plan to review and refresh county government in 2023 is more than a resolution - it’s a commitment to a new way of doing business.

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